How has travel changed since COVID-19?

Meredith Jenkins in front of Stonehenge

Travel Talk with Meredith

Traveling in 2023 will be quite different than traveling before the COVID pandemic. Even though most countries no longer require vaccinations or negative PCR tests, there are still some changes. You don’t want to be unprepared when you go on vacation, so let me fill you in on some of the differences in traveling now!

Staff shortages have been a common issue in the States for the past two years. Restaurants will close off sections of seating, lines at the stores are super long, and we’re seeing more self-checkout and self-order stations than ever before. Not unlike the US, other countries are also seeing staff shortages. Don’t be surprised if you get to your all-inclusive resort in Mexico, and one of the restaurants has limited hours or is closed. Lines at the airport can be longer with customs, baggage claim, and airport check-in. Sites such as the Eiffel Tower and Colosseum may have longer lines as well. Always plan extra time in the airport so that you aren’t rushing and then missing your flights! 

TIP: Book your tours and excursions in advance through your travel agent so that you don’t have to wait!

Traveling also does not cost the same as it did even five years ago. Flight prices are continually increasing, and there are no patterns like there were before. (Ex: Tuesday flights being cheaper, 6 weeks out being the best deal, etc.) Now, it is best to book your flights early, and not risk waiting for the price to drop, because it most likely won’t. Resort and tour pricing has also increased from previous years. More people are traveling, as they are sick of not being able to, and resorts, cruises, and tours fill up fast. Because of the multitude of travelers, the companies don’t really need to have deals and promotions to entice people to come to their destinations.

TIP: Check with your travel agent about possible deals, as we still get some awesome promotions through some of our wonderful suppliers. It’s worth asking!

Travel destinations are selling out a lot quicker than ever before. I have been looking at Caribbean and Mexico resorts for December and January this year, and some are already selling out! Cruising is insanely popular, with people booking over a year and a half in advance. If you are traveling with a large group, such as a family getaway or destination wedding, start the planning and booking process as soon as possible to ensure that you have reservations for your cruise or resort. Even traveling in a small group or duo, you’ll want to book farther ahead of time. 

TIP: As soon as you know the specific dates you want to travel, have your agent book the reservation and make your deposit! That way you won’t lose out on that dream destination. 


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~ Meredith