Advisor Insights: A Guide to the Bahamas

Meredith Jenkins in front of Stonehenge

Travel Talk with Meredith

Our travel advisor Meredith just got back from a vacation to Grand Bahama Island! She had a wonderful time exploring the island, trying local food, and relaxing at the resort and beach. Check out what she has to say about her trip!

This island is super laid-back, and the beaches are very quiet. It’s the perfect place for a relaxing vacation where no one bothers you! It’s also a great island for diving, nature, fishing, and traditional food. The beautiful beaches of Taino and Lucaya are perfect for sun tanning and swimming. Gold Rock Beach in Lucayan National Park is the perfect place for picking up some beautiful seashells and is featured in several of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” films! Check out the stunning caves and serene nature in the Lucayan National Park while you’re there.

Taino Beach, Grand Bahama

Grand Bahama is not a busy, fast-paced island. The resorts are not those such as Sandals, Dreams, and the other fancy all-inclusive resorts that are well-known in the Caribbean and Mexico. Instead, the peaceful resorts here allow you to relax and take it all in at your own pace. The Taino Beach Resort, where we stayed, has a quaint restaurant right on the beach that is perfect for early-morning coffees and evening dinners after a long day in the sun. The pool has a lazy river, waterslide, caves, and a grotto bar. The rooms are adorable with little balconies where you can look over the foliage and the pool. We had so much fun staying here!

Check out her Instagram @travelwithmj31 and the Sioux Empire Travel Facebook page to see some videos of the resort!

Taino Beach Resort

Here are Meredith’s “must-dos” for when you travel to the Bahamas!

  • Grab some conch fritters!! Conch is one of the most popular Bahamian foods. The famed conch shell has a very tasty animal inside, and this Bahamian cuisine is not one to be missed. Try it chopped up and fried into fritters, served with peppers and cucumber in a salad, or fried on a sandwich as a “burger.” You won’t regret it!
  • Swim with the pigs! The Bahamas is known for its native pigs that swim on some of the islands. Now, you can go out and swim with the pigs and feed them! This experience was so much fun; we had a blast. The little piglets were so adorable! 
  • Hit up the fish fry! Every Wednesday night at Smith’s Point on Grand Bahama Island, there is a fish fry- you do not want to miss this! Try traditional meals such as fried snapper and turbot, conch salad and fritters, and baked mac and cheese (if you’re not as adventurous they also have chicken). There’s a bar, music, dancing, and singing all to be enjoyed right on the beach! 
  • Get to know some of the locals! Talk with your servers, bartenders, hotel staff, and taxi drivers. The people here are so friendly and will often give you great tips on where to spend your time, where to get the best food and drinks, and more. They will often take the time to personally show you around parts of the island so you can get a more authentic experience. 

Surprisingly, a lot of people don’t realize that The Bahamas is actually a group of islands right off of Florida. They are considered to be part of the Caribbean and are a very popular destination for cruises and all-inclusive resorts. Each island has its own personality, so here is a little guide to some of them (beyond Grand Bahama) for when you’re looking for the best fit for you!

  • Nassau: Nassau is the capital of The Bahamas, and lies on the island of New Providence. Vivacious, fast-paced, and busy, Nassau is the “alter-ego” to the relaxed character of most of the other islands. As one of the top destinations in the Bahamas, Nassau boasts powder-soft sandy beaches, all-inclusive resorts, crystal clear waters, and a roaring nightlife just to name a few. 
  • Bimini:  According to some, Bimini is a possible location of the Lost City of Atlantis and the Fountain of Youth. Considered the sport fishing capital of the world, Bimini is a great place for a deep-sea fishing charter. Bimini has only recently become popular, so it is less touristy than Nassau- and it is the closest island to the US which makes for a great weekend getaway! Beautiful beaches cover the island and vacationers can take part in lots of water sports.
  • The Exumas: Known for its sapphire-blue water, white sand beaches and friendly swimming pigs, this chain of 365 cays along the Atlantic Ocean is so esteemed that many of its islands are privately owned by celebrities (including Johnny Depp and Tyler Perry). Head to Coco Plum Beach for sand dollar hunting or get your feet wet at the stunning Tropic of Cancer Beach. There is great diving at the Exuma Cays Land and Sea park, the world’s first land and sea reserve.

Don’t be afraid to ask your friendly neighborhood travel agency about which island you should choose! We will help you design a personalized vacation that fits all of your needs!